Here you’ll find an overview of the various mental health helplines and services that are available to you. It is not exhaustive, and I will update if I come across any other relevant sources. Feel free to contact me with suggestions.

  • Your local emergency services: Contact if you are in a crisis, if you’ve self-harmed and/or are a danger to yourself.
  • Your General Practitioner/Doctor: Can refer you to specific mental health services, or prescribe medication.
  • This article has a comprehensive list of helplines by country
  • The IASP has compiled a Global Crisis Centre Directory
  • has a hotline database

Others You May Find Helpful

Below is a list of youtube accounts, websites, podcasts etc. that are informative and/or relatable.

  • Dr. Daniel Fox on Youtube – a licensed psychologist specializing in personality disorders
  • Dr. Todd Grande on Youtube – a licensed mental health counsellor
  • MedCircle on Youtube
  • Vangelina Skov on Youtube – a fellow Irish BPD Warrior. Not primarily a mental health channel, but gives a great rundown of what BPD is, and what it’s like to live with it.
  • Candace van Dell on Youtube
  • Special Books by Special Kids on Youtube